How to Backpack Europe on a Student Budget: My Expense Breakdown

You have seen enough alluring videos and blogs about travelling around Europe. You long to fulfil this European wanderlust. And finally, you’ve decided to take a long holiday to pamper yourself by travelling to this charming continent. Then, you ask the ultimate question: how much should I budget for my backpacking trip in Europe? Well, the reason […]

Tokyo Travel Guide

Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan in the world. This sprawling city, where 37 million people call home, lure visitors by its unique gastronomy, culture, architecture and history. With its futuristic and alluring charm, Tokyo has made it to one of the must-go Asian destinations. Almost nowhere in the world you can find a city […]

7 Reasons Why Budapest Should Be In Your Winter Bucket List!

1. Because you will have an ultimate snow experience at Szechenyi Thermal Bath Immersing yourself in this traditional Turkish outdoor bath is an absolutely stunning experience during winter. Just imagine flurrying snowflakes landing on top of your head while you are enjoying the warm medicinal bath, how magical is that! For a price of around […]

5 Best Places For Shopping In Bangkok!

Just recently, Bangkok edged out London and was ranked as the world’s most frequented travel destination by Mastercard for 2016. Bangkok is a massive international metropolitan that draws people from everywhere in the world because it is travel destination that is more affordable. This simply means that it’s also an awesome city to get some serious shopping done! Call us the […]