7 Reasons Why Budapest Should Be In Your Winter Bucket List!

7 Reasons Why Budapest Should Be In Your Winter Bucket List!

7 reasons why Budapest should be in your winter bucket list!

1. Because you will have an ultimate snow experience at Szechenyi Thermal Bath: 

Immersing yourself in this traditional Turkish outdoor bath is a stunning experience during winter. Just imagine flurrying snowflakes landing on top of your head while you are enjoying the warm medicinal bath, how magical is that! For a price of around 18 Euros (as on January 2016), you get to indulge in this satisfying thermal bath for a whole day. With a history of more than 100 years and elegant architecture, you should not miss this place in Budapest.

Szechenyi Winter Bath
Visiting Szechenyi Turkish Bath on a winter day with subzero temperature!

2. Because the world's third largest parliament building looks more amazing in snow:

This magnificent building stands out and is the icon of Budapest with its grandiose Neo-Gothic architecture. It survived 2 world wars, and has just celebrated its 114th birthday this year!

The Hungarian Parliament building changes its costume every season. In winter, the snow gives it a dazzling finishing touch, like a dash of icing sugar on top of the Hungarian Trdelník. Regardless of where in the city you are viewing the building from, the Parliament building will never fail to impress you.

The Hungarian Parliament Building in snow!

3. Because you get to show off your ice skating skills in front of a castle:

If you have a little Anna or Elsa living inside you, you should definitely skate here. The Budapest City Park becomes an ice skating rink when winter visits Budapest.

This huge outdoor ice skating rink was rated as one of the top 10 European winter destinations by Lonely Planet. For the price of 1000-1500 forint, you get to skate for a whole day in this humongous rink!

Just look at the massive ice-skating rink and the castle behind!

4. Because there is a perfect winter wonderland!

Margaret Island (or Margitsziget if you know how to pronounce it) is an island sandwiched between the two banks of Budapest. No one goes there during winter but if you love the snow, Margaret Island totally worth your visit.

This island is a park that is easily accessible by the city tram. Unlike the slimy, semi-melted snow that you'd find at the city centre, Margarent Island has perfectly untouched snow. Bring your mates/travel buddies/new-found love to this island and start a snowball war! Or make a snow angel! Or build the best Olaf!

Snow Angel
My first attempt to make a snow angel.

5. Because there are less tourists!

And that means things will be cheaper, accommodations will be more available and shops will be less crowded. There will also less photobombers in your photos!

Travelling during winter is not everyone's cup of tea, but I reckon a mug of hearty, christmas-y mulled wine will make up for that.

6. Because the Fisherman's Bastion looks better in snow

Budapest Geography 101: Budapest is divided by the Danube river into Buda bank and Pest bank.

Located up high on the Castle hill by the Buda bank of Budapest, this geographical location definitely doesn't really resonate with the name "Fisherman's Bastion". With snow, the walk up to this hill is wonderfully wonderful, though it can get slippery at times. Amaze yourself with a birds-eye view from the top of the hill at the Fisherman's Bastion, and feast your eyes on the Pest side of Budapest covered in snow!

Fisherman bastion snow
Fisherman's Bastion in snow.

7. Because you wanna see snow in the city

Obviously, not all the countries in the world have the chance of experiencing a snowy season. Even if you get snow in your country, most of the time, snowfall only occurs at the countryside instead of the city. My friend from Manchester can relate well.

Budapest is a city blessed with snow. The cold is not as extreme as what you would get in Russia and therefore, it is more bearable. Just layer up and fall in love with this enchanting city.


Budapest in snow
The quieter Budapest during winter.

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